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Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster/ 4FRONT publishes new policy brief on Data Sharing for Traffic Management

As cities strive to meet mobility goals and ensure seamless traffic management, the collaboration between EU-funded traffic management projects within the Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster (previously known as 4FRONT cluster) is proving to be a game changer. The cluster has released a policy brief detailing strategic enhancements in traffic management through improved data sharing and governance.

The policy brief, resulting from a collaborative workshop in June 2023 and reviewed by newer cluster projects like SYNCHROMODE, DELPHI, and ACUMEN, delves deep into the data sharing landscape that is crucial for efficient network and traffic management. It explores the challenges and innovations in data ecosystem and governance, regulations, data standards, and data exchange, offering a comprehensive guide to the future of traffic management.

A standout aspect of the cluster’s work is its focus on creating a robust data ecosystem that supports the seamless exchange of information across various transport modes. By establishing structured and effective data governance mechanisms and promoting the use of standardized data formats, the cluster is paving the way for innovative solutions in traffic management.

The brief suggests setting up a centralized database for traffic-related information and a specialized team to manage it, ensuring that data flows smoothly across various transportation systems. It underscores the importance of aligning with recent EU laws like the Data Governance Act and the AI Act to enhance how data is shared and used across borders. The document encourages adopting universal data formats, like DATEX II, which help in maintaining consistency and efficiency in data handling. Additionally, it recommends the use of cutting-edge technologies such as RESTful APIs and MQTT protocols, which facilitate the swift exchange of real-time traffic information.

Moreover, the projects under the cluster are actively addressing legal and technical challenges associated with data sharing. They are navigating new EU regulations designed to foster a unified data economy and ensuring compliance with privacy laws like GDPR.

The 4FRONT cluster’s policy brief is a pivotal resource for stakeholders in traffic management, detailing actionable strategies to enhance data practices across Europe’s transportation networks by 2030. It underscores the importance of collaboration among traffic operators, policymakers, and technology providers to implement these advanced data sharing frameworks. The initiatives led by the Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster are set to play a pivotal role in achieving sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

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